Cannot assign requested address errors.

Recently spent sometime working on a few RHEL/CentOS servers, after a reboot each system would come up in an unresponsive state, after some KVM sessions something was preventing these systems from statically assigning their respective IP addresses as per the config(s), the logs indicated the following problem.

SIOCSIFBROADCAST: Cannot assign requested address SIOCSIFBRDADDR: Cannot assign requested address SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address

I’ve ran into this error a couple of times and each time the problem was different as was the resolution. Luckily the problem was quickly identifiable, having dug through ‘ps’ a bit, I noticed the wpa_supplicant daemon running which is essentially a wireless component of the NetworkManager package, these are all packages you’ll typically find on a desktop system. It appeared as though these packages were essentially holding our static IP address hostage and not allowing us to bind it to our interface (eth0). Luckily solving this problem was quick and easy.

via YUM: First let’s check to see if it’s installed.

yum list | grep wpa_supplicant

via YUM: remove wpa_supplicant (Will also remove NetworkManager package).

yum remove wpa_supplicant

via RPM: First let’s check to see if it’s installed.

rpm -qi wpa_supplicant

via RPM: remove wpa_supplicant

rpm -e wpa_supplicant

Now try to bringup your interface.

ifup eth#

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