Mongodb Backup Script.

At work, I recently went on the hunt to improve our existing mongo database backups, it was setup using some script found online that really had no logging, notifications or error handling. Basically, to know whether the backup was successful or not, you would have to logon to verify the dump file existed.

I looked for an existing solution that had all the features one would want in a backup script (such as compression, archiving, exporting, performance throttling etc), but came up empty. I ultimately built an in house solution (mongosback) that’s been working very well, I’ve made it slightly more user friendly for public release.


  • Performance throttling (low, medium, high)
  • Integrated compression (fast, medium, best)
  • Archiving (keep X days, automatically purges)
  • Backup exports (upload to FTP/SCP after)
  • In-depth logging, e-mail notifications and many configurable options.

Download on Github – Mongosback

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